Frequently Asked Questions

What is OttoStory? Illustration

OttoStory is a modern AI application crafted to create a personalized, verified narrative of yours or your family's life story. Through a set of well-thought-out questions and prompts, it captures your spoken or typed responses and shapes them into a well-structured, articulate story. OttoStory ensures that the narrative is factual and authentic, backed by your personal review.

How do I get started with OttoStory? Illustration

Kickstart your OttoStory journey by going to and going through the registration. You'll then go through a detailed setup process to tailor your preferences and start recording your family's legacy today.

How does OttoStory craft my autobiography? Illustration

OttoStory uses a blend of intuitive questions and cutting-edge machine learning to curate your life's tale. After your review and approval, the content gets compiled into your evolving book. Once done, we send over a deluxe hardcover edition straight to your doorstep. No charge for shipping.

Can I add multimedia to my autobiography? Illustration

Yes, OttoStory allows the inclusion of photographs, adding a layer of richness to your narrative.

Is my data secure with OttoStory? Illustration

Your data security is our priority. OttoStory employs strong encryption methods to keep all your data completely secured.

How long does it take to complete my autobiography? Illustration

Timelines can vary, but on average, users complete their 200-page autobiography within 9 months. The platform has no time constraints, allowing you to work at your own pace.

Can OttoStory be a gift? Illustration

Absolutely! OttoStory makes an exceptional gift for milestone birthdays, anniversaries, or retirements, helping your loved ones document their lifetime of stories in a meaningful way.

What is the delivery time for the physical book? Illustration

Upon finalization of your autobiography, expect the high-quality hardcover version at your doorstep within about 10-14 days.

How many questions does OttoStory offer? Illustration

OttoStory provides a broad range of questions covering various topics such as love, relationships, school, and education. We've collaborated with cognitive behavior therapists, professional authors, and publishers to ensure our questions are well-structured for quality storytelling. Additionally, you have the option to create your own questions, allowing you to explore any aspect of your life in your OttoStory.

Can friends contribute to my OttoStory? Illustration

Yes, you can invite friends to formulate and answer questions about you, adding a communal and multifaceted dimension to your autobiography.

Does OttoStory offer multilingual support? Illustration

OttoStory is multilingual, catering to a global audience.

What if I encounter issues while using OttoStory? Illustration

We have a comprehensive customer support infrastructure featuring in-app FAQs, real-time chat, and a 48-hour email response policy.

Is post-completion editing possible? Illustration

Yes, you can edit your OttoStory anytime before sending it off for the printing process.

What sets OttoStory apart from other autobiography services? Illustration

The distinct feature of OttoStory lies in its unique machine learning system, well-considered questions, and reliable support. Our platform, developed in conjunction with experts, ensures a personalized and verified recounting of your life story, setting it apart from other services.

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