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You've shown the world chapters of your life, now give them the complete book.

Everyone has a unique story, and at OttoStory, we turn it into an extraordinary autobiography. Meet OttoStory, your AI biographer, guiding you through a reflective journey of your life's experiences.

Say goodbye to professional writers and high costs. Otto helps transform your cherished memories into a captivating memoir, allowing you to share your journey or simply reflect on your life. With OttoStory, your story is immortalized in a personal hardback book.

Begin with us today and watch your life's narrative come alive in print. Welcome to OttoStory

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Memoirs of a Year : A Beautiful Book Encompassing a Lifetime of Stories

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The OttoStory Adventure: Changing How We Tell Stories


The Spark: How it all started.

We’ve all been there. Gathered around the dinner table, listening to stories from our parents, absorbed by their wisdom and fascinated by their life lessons. We quickly realized that these stories are more than just entertainment; they are the lifeline to our roots, imparting values and experiences that can’t be found in any book or documentary. And once they’re gone - they are gone forever.

These spoken treasures deserved more than just ephemeral existence.

So, we made it our mission to ensure that these stories last for generations to come.

But we had a lot to learn

The Journey: High Costs, High Hurdles

When we first approached how to capture these narratives, we naturally gravitated toward conventional means— video, audio recordings, we even hired a professional ghostwriter!

We quickly learned that these methods are inaccurate, labor-intensive, and above all, expensive in terms of both time and money.

Our vision was more inclusive—we aimed to democratize storytelling, ensuring that everyone had an equal opportunity to preserve their heritage.

Welcome to OttoStory: Speak, Don’t Write

Here’s where OttoStory comes into play. We envisioned storytelling as a simple yet deeply engaging dialogue. We collaborated with subject matter experts, like seasoned biographers and cognitive science specialists, to design provocative and thought-stirring questions.

Then we built an AI system that processes language naturally - so our parents and loved ones could pause, think, and take their time expressing the family’s legacy in the rich detail it deserves

The end result was an experience akin to a leisurely conversation—one that doesn’t just document facts but instead captures the rich emotional tapestry of their life experiences.

When they read it back , we got the same answer every time:

“That, was exactly what I wanted to say - just better.”

Elegant Simplicity: Choosing a Book Cover

We wanted the finished book to be something to be proud of. So, Ottostory simplified the traditional graphic design process:

All you do is upload a favorite photo, and our software gives you a selection of tasteful cover options. This way, you get a nice keepsake without any hassle.

The OttoStory Mission: Not Just Documenting, But Enriching

Here we are—our journey, our mission, our promise to change how we collect and share human experiences. OttoStory is more than just a tool; it’s a new way to look at, capture, and value our personal histories. We invite you to join this meaningful adventure. Your family stories are worth more than just being small notes in history; with OttoStory, they become the chapters.

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